Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little People.

Diane Arbus is new to me in the sense that I never really looked at her photography. Truthfully, the most I knew about her pertains to the movie Fur, based on her life.

She was known as the freak photographer. Her subjects were transvestites, circus participants, little people,the unconventional, etc. Freaks only by society standards, of course. Many thought her work was "artistically dangerous" and sometimes squeamish.

She committed suicide in her mid 40s and a newly released book explores Arbus and her many complexities- Her subject choices, depression and ultimate suicide.

I was really at awe when I visited her website. Remarkable black and white photos. The kind of photographs that take you a few minutes to process. Subjects that are typically shunned by society or never given a place in the spotlight share a small moment.

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  1. This is cool-I never looked at her work either, thanks for posting!