Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey, I have a blog.

I'd love to claim that i'm so busy that i don't have time to blog. This is not true. However, I SHOULD be busy because I'm trying to nail down a job, pack, move, find an apartment, say goodbye to this weird and great city, etc. But, I'm currently staring at 6 boxes of dvds and vhs (a few of which were just bought: An Education, The Devil and Daniel Johnston and a live MC5 DVD). We like to add to our pile. And on and on and on....No hoarders, just collectors of all good things.

These are my kind of music stories. Singing about the road, alien life,the ambiguity of a possible disappearance and disappear. Do you know Jim Sullivan? He's new to my world. I found him in a half asleep daze last night. Coincidentally, I saw he was admired by a musician I admire so the search was on. His disappearance is not just intriguing, his voice is the kind you want to hear stories from.

This short NPR piece coupled with a visit to made for a good night of music.