Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Thai.

I know it's the second post of the day, but i forgot to mention this earlier.

We've been really disappointed in Baltimore's thai restaurants. We've tried three that I can think of and honestly, it's barely mediocre. We went to a place that was recommended a mile or so from our house. Hipster kid meets traditional thai chef. It was an unusual and sweet pairing, but an unsuccessful one. Cute hand written menus, but that shit wasn't right.

Okay, one place was good. ONE. It cost 15 bucks an entree and It made me yearn for 6 dollar Thai in Ferndale. We took matters into our own hands...

I've always had trouble getting red coconut curry to taste right. It was always lacking that hint of sweetness. I used a simple method : sugar. I just added a teaspoon and a ton of basil and it worked! Also, I never have sweet thai basil on hand, so I used basic dry basil (a heaping tablespoon) and it worked perfect!

We found our own little Thai restaurant.

I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

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