Sunday, August 28, 2011

rain rain.

I'm a little disappointed. Hurricane Irene was more like a heavy/windy rainstorm minus the destruction and drama. Not that I wished for damaged cars and flooded streets, but we were definitely duped here in Baltimore. I'm glad I don't have T.V. to confuse me during these times. The radio and internet will do just fine. Plus, most of the coverage I received was through texts from loved ones(thanks guys!).

The hibernation gave me a chance to listen to a lot of new music and re-visit the old. Sometimes it was blues and gospel, other times female country vocalists. I just finished watching Coal Miner's Daughter(The Loretta Lynn Story) so I was feelin' a little county. Man, Sissy Spacek was nearly perfect as Loretta Lynn. I heard she did most of the singing herself which is really impressive. Great biopic. And Levon Helm doesn't do the whole "singers who overact" routine.. It was easy and convincing.

This scene depicts Loretta Lynn's first time performing in public, long before she became famous.

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