Saturday, September 3, 2011

More new.

I've been trying to find new songs, artists, books, publications, etc. Films have mostly been the new lately. Here are a few I've seen that I'd definitely recommend.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

First of all, Joan Rivers is typically never someone I would envision desiring to explore. She's obnoxious, tacky, frightening, obsessed with the shallow hollywood world..But you know what? Those characteristics kind of appealed to me too. I completely forgot how genuinely funny she is and how she truly is an iconic comedienne. I totally recommend this. It was heartbreaking, truthful, and hilarious. An extraordinary woman.

Another Year

This British film moves at a pretty slow pace. You are constantly waiting for something to happen. As if, something NEEDS to happen. The truth is, nothing explosive needs to happen. It's the story of their life, relationship and the people who share their life-their beautiful and somewhat ordinary life. Mike Leigh seems to nail the everyday in the most casual and human way. And that's what you'll enjoy about this film.

White Lightning

Jesco White is ..scary. The hillbilly, crude talking, mountain dancing West Virginian is an endless amount of shock and entertainment. This film is based loosely on events in his upbringing, boozing and maniacal life. I now understand the cult following in regards to this guy. It was an interesting(sometimes sad) and frightening peek into the life of a crazed Appalachian dancer who just wanted to make his daddy proud. Man, them hillbillies scare me.

Everlasting Moments

God, I loved this. I loved the photos she created, how she came to create them and the world it slowly shaped around her. So many tender images that are still vivid in my mind weeks after seeing it. I don't want to say any more. Please see this, and tell me after.

Lastly, I started watching this. I really want to embrace them. I've tried. I really have. There's something about Wilco that bothers me. Actually, there's something about Jeff Tweedy that bothers me. Is he arrogant? dull? hyped up? He sure as hell pukes a lot..

I actually really love watching the musical process take place. A hectic but sometimes serene production studio where a stunning phenomenon unfolds. Music is made. I dig all of that. But, I'm not feeling that yet. I'm halfway through, to be fair to the documentary. I'm not sure I'll make it.


  1. I have been wanting to see Another Year-I was kind of hesitant but now I'll see it!

  2. You would really enjoy it, Jenny. It's sad at the same time, but a real examination of people's lives.