Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As I mentioned to my friend Jenny this morning, two elderly men in the past year have told me about their love for.. Gloria Estefan? I really just thought it was the kind and sweet old man from my former cafe(shout out to Andy!), but no, i was very mistaken. Another Gloria fan encounter today.

Some cuban jazz playing over the speakers:

Him: "This reminds me of that Gloria Estefan from Miami. I love her"

Me: "Was she really from Miami"

Him: "I'm not sure but her group is"

It's the damn miami sound machine. Oh,that rhythm. It gets in your soul.The soul of senior citizens far and wide...well, and this guy.

P.S. I love/hate made up "facts". The elderly have a free and whimsical pass but the rest of us better check before stating where Miss Estefan is from. I say it's Cuba..


  1. Amazing! I also love/hate made up facts. I HATE it when anyone under the age of 75 is talking a bunch of shit, but LOVE it when old people (or my grandpa) make stuff up...I just go along with it and we're all happy.

    Watch out! Don't let the rhythm get you!!!

  2. This young guy comes to the cafe and loves to inform me about coffee "facts". He's just a miserable shit talker who i proceed to ignore. daily.