Monday, August 29, 2011


If you know me, you know I'm not super crafty. I completely appreciate it, but I'm not coming up with new crafts everyday. I can, however, make you sweet lil' earrings, a killer mix with a handmade cd sleeve and i'll send you a homemade card. That's the extent. I'm cool with that.

But we need coasters. We have a cute vintage coffee table that loves to be stained by everything that is casually placed on it. I want to throw it out my third story window, but he loves it, and I've grown attached to it too.

I'm making coasters y'all! Maybe I'll snap a pic and show you. I have some old rolling stones and vintage books I'm gonna tear up and use as photos. I'll be crafty for the day.

Also, let's hear something new, okay? Baltimore Duo, White Life, just played in Detroit and they! I like the video more than the tune, but I'm kinda digging this poppy, new wave-y, throwback sound. Plus, I always wanna dance into my kitchen and really appreciate my delicious bowl of cereal.

New song,author, publication, artist. Everyday.

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  1. Coasters are adorable, but it sounds like you also nee to treat your (teak?) table with some coats of tung, or linseed oil.