Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's a book thing.

Baltimore, I will give it to you. You have shown me the goods. The goods come in the form of affordable books mixed in with a vinyl lover's dream.

Normal's books and music is Baltimore's finest way to spend an afternoon. Excellent selection of books and classic to rare vinyl. Really, it's a small wish come true for this lady. Even the block it resides on makes me feel...right. Across the street is a quiet afternoon tea shop, a cozy caribbean restaurant and the houses are small, maybe even tiny. small porches..maybe small people? It's all so fairy tale like.

And then,the skater dude from Canton told me about THIS. It's organized. It's overflowing with books about mathematics, u.s. history, poetry, art etc. Turn the corner, more. Books on gardening, religious cults, women's rights, oh my. It's free! Just sign in, write down how many books you took and ..see you next weekend, 9a-6pm.

Click on that link. The backstory on book thing pushed me out the door a little faster.

A couple finds:


  1. Woah super cool, I love a good book exchange, here they just have the little news paper boxes on the corners. But hey girl, you need to change your links to show up ad a dif color

  2. yea, there's a huge inventory. I was really surpised by the amount and the organization.

    can you not see it? the links are in red.