Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trapped in the closet

You know when you go to the thrift store and you find that thing that you've been searching for forever? It's great, right? You know when you rent an apartment and you open the closet and you find old photographs in a worn out shoebox and you spend hours imagining who the photographer was, why they took them, etc? Sometimes. Well, imagine opening that shoebox and finding beautiful black and white photos of maybe Tina Turner, The Who...Yea, THAT'S A FIND.

After his photographer boss passed away, Dan Oppenheimer was responsible for sifting through his possessions. Read this and enjoy! P.S. James Taylor and Michael Caine. So Perfect.

Here are my small and pretty impressive finds from my day. I should add I've been looking for this particular drinking jar for a long time so, It's MY Tina Turner photo. Almost.

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  1. I am well overdue for a good thrift find! Maybe today is my day.