Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Droid brain

I'm back! Internet was down for a bit..

I forgot I had a blog for a quick second. I'm under the Instagram spell and I can't seem to to tear myself away enough to post videos and songs I've been loving. It is pretty awesome though, right? It's Facebook without the ranting and bitching and baby "success stories" of the day(oh look, little billy learned how to shit IN his diaper!). Social networking through personal photos seems to be the happier avenue these days(not that I don't like a good bitch/debate session on Facebook).

I'm moving back home in June and I feel rushed to see more of Maryland, specifically the shoreline. Sometimes you need to be pushed. There's more to this state than what I've seen. I'll share my daytrippin' with you soon!

I found an LP of rare tracks from Yemen(45s) compiled by Chris Menist. Qat, Coffee and Qambus("plant stimulant", coffee and a lute) has a more traditional sound than I had expected, but I love it nonetheless. Thank you to that thoughtful soul.

I was gonna share a track from that album but youtube failed me today :(
Instead, I'll share my favorite Jay/Kanye parody. It's been floating around for a long time so you've probably come across it at some point, but I love these girls and I can't get enough!

"She said Shea can we get married at the Straaaaand.."

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  1. HA, I love that all the titles are hipster reads.
    this is cute.