Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kiss my grits

I miss the no fuss restaurant experience. Small menus, cash only, honest to goodness waitstaff, simple and comforting foods. That's it.

Pete's Grill in the Waverly Neighborhood of Baltimore is just that. There's only about 25 seats, all counter top seating. Perfect place for greasy but stellar home fries, the paper and a kind waitstaff. I found my morning spot(only took 9 months) seven blocks from my place.

**There's a few shots from outside my yellow and black door. Stunning and colorful row homes which are a nice window view with a church dome in the distance. The trees are blooming and my neighbor with amazing garden fashion(I wish I could have gotten closer!) has been outside for three days.

Finally, This Martha Reeves and The Vandellas song is a classic, BUT I love how adorable Martha looks in this video. Go ahead girl.


  1. Awesome photos, girl. I want to go to there! And, you must get one of those mugs to takes home with you!