Sunday, March 25, 2012

She was a tomboy

I caught Kurt Vile at Ram's Head Live on Thursday night. Their opening act was an experimental band with a love of... fruit. So much so, the lead signer proceeded to eat a banana and perform with the peel laid gently on her head(she also shared an orange with the front row). Needless to say, we couldn't wait for Kurt Vile to hit the stage.

It was an intimate show with a small audience(thanks for inappropriately screaming weird comments during the pre-acoustic moments, dumb drunk girl). His natural and slightly awkward presence was really likeable and I loved every song.

Also, I spent today at the Smith College annual used book sale. Half off day! My modest stack is below. I'm hoping my Arabic language dictionary find will push me towards taking some classes soon.

**He didn't move much on stage so the pictures aren't very..dynamic. He DOES have lovely hair, drunk girl.


  1. I LOVE Giovanni's Room and really all James Baldwin. Read it now!Oh and sorry for screaming at that show, I did too many Jager shots before I got there!

  2. Me too! yea, i've read it already and fell in love with it. I like having an extra copy to maybe give to someone.