Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eat. Read. Rock &Roll.

So, 2012.

I'm not sure I will stick to any resolutions and I'm pretty sure every year I don't make any concrete ones.

I will say, I feel things will get a little better. I don't usually ride this positivity wave and it may not last but today, things will be better. I will finish all the books I received over the holidays and share them with friends, I'll be better about calling you(or calling you back) anddd I definitely promise to find new records that inspire me, a new job(fingers crossed) and see more of Michigan come summertime. These aren't resolutions, they're future small triumphs. Triumphs, resolutions..whatever.

So far, this is the good of 2012..

I'm loving the Carter Family before Miss June came along. I closed my eyes and was sitting in a church pew, wishing they wouldn't stop.

Chili and chocolate. In my coffee mug. Maybe in yours too? I'm happy to start making this at the cafe.

I used a variation of this recipe.

I added a pinch of chili powder and espresso and made this a spicy mocha. This shit has a backbone, beware! It's worth every sip.

When I was younger, I never read. Anything. I didn't enjoy it, but truthfully, I barely tried. My sister breezed through Little House on The Prairie in twenty minutes while I played basketball in my church dress. But I started in my 20s(eventually) and forced myself to keep going. I'm playing major catchup. I'm more than okay with that.

First book of the year. From New York's housing and racial divide to Kingston as THE home of hip-hop(someone used a mic before them). This is pretty comprehensive and you can tell Chang did his research. I'm excited to see what comes next.

..and the year goes on. Enjoy it.

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