Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It was gonna be this..

So I was eagerly planning to write about all the music I've been finding lately.I hate you best of lists, but sometimes you attribute to a few new albums in my listening experience. Sidenote: I found a record store in Baltimore that reminds me of all the affordable vinly shops that I love in Detroit. Damn, someone got the price and selection right. El Suprimo!

Anyways, my plan was put to the side when I read this story. I've mentioned Detroitblogger John before. I believe he is a modern day historian for the Detroit area. I don't necessarily want to feel hopeful or angry when I read a story about the city. I don't need or want a hero to fly out of the pages(screen) to awaken my senses or rescue me in some way. I just want it to be real. I just want to read. I want to read a story about people in the city. Corktown, midtown, etc. are a small section of the city with lots of exciting promise. Great but, um, What is everyone else doing, living, seeing, working, not working, getting by? Perception of the city cannot be seen through the lenses of the art community. Development and the emergence of new neighborhoods and residents is great, but like the shiny developed areas lining Foxtown, it subsequently allows you to forget about the stretch of neglected neighborhoods and residents. The not so shiny. DetroitBlogger John doesn't forget, or at the very least, he doesn't want people to. He finds a good story in the everyday man or woman and I have to agree. I hope you read this.

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