Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thanks, Alan.

Alan Lomax, folk historian and one of the greatest collectors of folk music from around the world, has given us the ultimate gift: His collection!

I read this last night and haven't been able to stop listening. It's massive and authentic nature Is really a dream come true for folk music lovers and anyone looking for some new music to dig into. Along his extensive folk travels, Lomax discovered the hugely talented Mississippi country blues signer Fred McDowell (if you don't know, you will soon fall in love. see below.)

So, here's a peek. Thanks, Alan. And as a nice coincidence, happy birthday to you (January 31, 1915).

Rosalie Hill

Mississippi Fred McDowell

P.S. I spent the day in Washington D.C. on sunday for the first time. If you happen to go to the Adams Morgan neighborhood this is the spot for falafel (sorry, the website is awful)

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