Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am what I eat. I am a latte.

I just finished watching the documentary, Food Matters(Is that Jewel?). So, yea, I'm scared as hell. I'm also really really hungry right now.

Not just scared, I feel duped. Here's why..

When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I had a large celled tumor on my chest the size of a potato(doctor's words). Long story short, I freaked out but had an optimistic prognosis. They pumped me full of poisonous goodies and magical laser beams...No eyebrows. No appetite. But 8 months later I was Cancer clean and back to myself. I'm thankful I had a kind and good mannered doctor and my father's full insurance coverage. But no one really asked me the right questions. And no one really said what control I had over the situation or what steps I could take to preserve this new found "health".

After watching Food Matters I tried to remember all the conversations I had with any medical professional about what I should be eating, avoiding and doing. Nothing. No one mentioned the words, "Try to eat healthy or include such and such in your diet". They said, "Eat what you can and want because your appetite will be different." Okay then, I can easily eat chili cheese fries because it's delicious and accessible. I'm sure cancer cells love that.

I feel duped.

I was young and had no real motivation to take matters into my own hands. My disease had vanished so problem solved. Frankly, I wasn't educated enough on the matters of nutrition and physical health and it's affect on our minds(dementia?) and bodies. Or I shoved that information into a subconscious cave in my brain where I didn't have to admit that Ramen Noodles ARE bad. The fact is, it does matter. We do have control. If I took anything from this documentary it's the control we have on US. They can fuck up a burger at Wendy's and pump hormones into a tomato and call it food, but It's my choice to consume it.

Interesting and not so surprising fact: You know what Country has the lowest rate of cancer? Japan. Green tea, sea plants and fish oil. Just sayin'.

P.S. Take your daily multivitamin.

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  1. On the other hand Japan has 4x the incidence of TB and 2x the incidence of suicide. It's hard to say what all the specific causes are. They don't eat whole grains like we do, but they do screen intensively for cancer.