Thursday, December 1, 2011

I choke on your pretension.

It is safe to say that writing your personal opinion in your personal blog is not the same as writing a piece for an online publication. Take note, dear: pretension is not well received. It is also far from encouraging.

I'm talking about this.

***I have to say that I wrote this after reading an extremely long thread on facebook in regards to a conversation on The Craig Fahle show on WDET in Detroit. P.S. That Rabbi had some serious ignorant comments(yikes). If you get a chance, you should listen.

While I understand a fraction of his point (come to Detroit, it's cool and stuff!), bashing the burbs and making wide generalizations about attitudes and people specifically is plain ignorant. I've done this, I have. It is based mostly on my own experiences with people from the suburbs(and city), discussions, emails, comments etc. And sometimes(not always) I'm a judgemental jerk and I make harsh generalizations about people with different interests and lifestyles than me. But by no means should I write a freelance piece for the Huffington Post stating my sometimes narrow minded and misplaced anger and frustration towards the suburbs/city. I believe he had good intentions, but there was some serious "sitting on my throne" shit going on there.

Look, plenty of well minded people love the city in many ways and maybe they don't support it in the "cool" way this writer has so inappropriately stated. Dude, take a step back from your "hip place to be" list and realize that you may be creating a deeper rift in this ridiculous Us vs. You game. And trust me, you didn't attract new people to the city by this column. Wasn't that the point? Or was it just to wave the "we are better than you" flag? I guess I don't understand how the conversation has turned to who or what is an expert on Detroit..better yet, who loves Detroit more, who gets to be part of the almighty exclusive club while the rest of us point and make our final decision on your love and loyalty to the city? State your case here. Please.

The city has a sad and sordid racial past, let's have real discussions and MOVE ON. Generalizations and underhanded comments just aren't going to cut it. Don't generalize long time residents or weekend visitors, it's not going to get us anywhere. It's not going to bridge any gaps..and we need them filled.

I hate ignorant notions about Detroit, too. Yes, come experience it, EVERYONE. If that means going to Joe Louis Arena and Greektown Casino, so be it. It's not my favorite place to go and personally, I think you sell yourself short by not experiencing more of what the city has to offer.. but that's just me. If you want to experience it by living in Ferndale or Troy, but visiting, spending and loving it in your own way, so be it. Just remember to keep your mind and heart open. Don't dismiss it because of whatever your read or heard.

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