Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No, not the bag.

I spent most of my older teenage and college years living with my family in the mostly affluent suburb of Troy(my family is far from affluent..respectable wages and a hardworking, college educated immigrant middle class family). I don't particularly like Troy. I certainly don't hate it, but I do not prefer it. It's sterile, doesn't boast any creativity or life. Just an average and otherwise "safe" strip mall filled suburb and that's fine for some, but not for me. While I find it to be more diverse than other Metro Detroit suburbs, it's disheartening that that diversity is not spotlighted throughout the city. Hooters, burger king, burger king, cvs, burger king, walgreens, walgreens..uh, yea that's about it. Oh, there's a library that people wanted to close down.

I consider myself open-minded, and with age, surprisingly becoming more liberal . So I found it troubling that a public official representing my other hometown(first being sterling heights) spewed some venom. Fine, maybe not venom to all. Maybe just a silly and careless comment on Facebook to some. But guess what? YOU REPRESENT TROY. Sure, this was before she became mayor. Does it matter? Are we comfortable knowing she is 1. unintelligent enough to post hateful comments on a social media site and 2. That she believes and shares these sentiments. And Daniels is gonna "return her I heart NY bag because the queers can marry there now." Honey, I'm sure NY would be happy to take it back.

She represents Troy on a political level, but I was happy to read that a good percentage of Troy residents condemned her actions. And told her so.

Stewie speaks the truth.

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