Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some kind of Revolution(and Revelation)

This wasn't a quiet year.

People weren't passive, mother nature was rowdy, active and destructive, Music fans received a few more options and politics got..weird(er). Politicians easily blurred the lines between religion, morality and getting the job done(which, you know, they didn't).

But what stood out for me were the people. The Revolutions. The active participation in the middle east, greece, nyc etc. were a mindful and encouraging process to see unfold. It wasn't all pretty and the aftermath and future may not be ideal for some, but in the moments when the people reached their limits, they did something about it. I like focusing on that moment and not the details.

I think a lot of us felt a personal satisfaction witnessing a crowd of a few hundred grow to tens and hundreds of thousands. Meaning, we all have the desire to be heard, understood and respected. Even more, I think a small part(some bigger in others) wants to be active and say, "this shit ain't right" or "What can I do about this...." . Even if Tunisia or Syria have nothing to do with our day to day, it felt personal because it's a shared desire. They loudly reminded of us of our freedom and liberties that we kick back and take for granted at times

Seize the day. Stand on your desks and be heard. Yea, it's just a late 80s Robin Williams film(or 90s?). But maybe not to everyone.

I know I lived vicariously through those individuals. I admired their stamina, principles and determination. Until The Occupy movement began, I felt Americans would remain the apathetic and self serving country. I guess I enjoyed seeing how the world affected US, the most powerful nation in the world, to wake up and take hold and not the other way around.

We're active and loud in personal conversations(me especially) and blogs and social networking. But those are just whispers or light small talk over coffee with a buddy. It's just not the same and we can't deny that. We witnessed and are witnessing something great. So, I'm proud of this year.

I know those fading dark images in the background are buildings or homes, but the massive crowd seems never ending...A symbol of a never ending movement or a consistent new way of thinking and acting that will evolve for miles upon miles. I think the crowds will multiply for a long time.

On a yearly musical note (awww, i said note after music), The Marvelettes are some of my favorite singin' ladies. They were the original girl group at Motown and this release makes me a happy girl.

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