Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So, When?

It's funny when we ask ourselves that. When is my life going to be different, more opportunities, more creative, etc? As if, someone comes knocking on your door to deliver the "your life is about to change" package. It's a lazy way to consider life and its possibilities and joys. I fall victim to this. Hard and loudly. I wait for freelance writing opportunities, when truthfully, I haven't done my part.

This blog kicks your ass.

She's right about my generation. We are dreamers with our eyes closed, living in the clouds above. We denounce "the man" but have a hard time working around him. We are slightly hypocritical about our values and beliefs. We are completely unsatisfied (as my mother would say) and somewhat lacking direction. BUT my generation is also creative and full of new and cutting edge ideas and we romanticize life In It's endearing simple steps. We just need to put all these things and ideas in a place. They don't have to fit perfectly, but It has to work for us.

And then I thought about him. Kris Kristofferson's 1970 debut album is packed with genius. Lyrics that knock you back.

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