Saturday, March 12, 2011

Katie's Been Gone - Bob Dylan & The Band

I forgot to mention my absolutely beautiful find at the record store in Royal Oak the other day(props to UHF!). Actually, there were two perfect finds that day. The lovely boy i was with recently told me that the only record he's been really looking for is Muswell Hillbillies by The Kinks.....voila, it was magical. put a smile on his sweet face. I would have been content with just that, when The Basement Tapes appeared. I never see this record while shopping, ever! Recorded in 1967 in Woodstock, NY in the now well known Big Pink home where several band members lived. Some of the finest musicians bound to one of the greatest songwriters. Musical and skillful perfection.

For a minute I contemplated putting it back when I had to be reminded of how much I truly love this album. 15 bucks became a no brainer. My dear rooommate will have to deal with the sounds of The Band, again(she loves them deep down, i know it).

Here's one for you.

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