Saturday, March 26, 2011

musica ya shabab

I found a record today that i'm pretty excited about. I'm always on the hunt for vinyl from the middle east. It's difficult because I can't read arabic (yet!) so if there's no translation on the record you kinda just roll the dice. I recognized a few singers on the compilation including Lebanese singer, Sabah so i think I did good. The first track sounded like a dabke song, which is a traditional dance performed at events in palestine, syria, lebanon and a few other middle eastern countries. This video starts off slow but when these guys get going, it's awesome.

I couldn't find that much information about this lebanese compilation i found, but i'll happily take it.


  1. Hey girl, it's also in francais, so if you ever want something translated send it my way.
    "The proverb said"

  2. that's the only part i definitely knew! the song titles and liner were all in arabic. more incentive to take classes.