Friday, March 4, 2011

Car Staples

I realized a bit ago that I've had the same few cd's in my car for years now. When it's time to rotate and bring something new into the mix, there's been a good handful i have a hard time replacing or letting go of. Mind you, I don't listen to these regularly, but they give me a sense of comfort, i mean, they must! Just their proximity to me while driving make me feel secure.

I tried to recall when i first purchased them and it hit me that they all were from a time in high school, around 17 or 18. It was when i first started going to record stores and exploring music- What it meant, the sounds that caught me, the beginnings of your "musical taste" or your natural pull towards voices and instruments. The fact that i spent 3 bucks on a cassette when at the time i was making $5.00/hr at a daycare center didn't concern me. In a now semi- adult life, i still feel like that. Money spent on music is money well spent to's not a personal, constantly self serving possession, it's a shared one. I believe that's different (this is not my justification in spending a ton of money on music, by the way.)

So i guess The Fugees The Score and The Verve's Northern Soul will always be a part of my car's cd collection. I'll add but never subtract the two.

and you?

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  1. YES to Northern Soul! The last 6 months or so I've had Infinite Arms by Band of Horses and the new Kanye West going.