Friday, July 1, 2011

something old, something new.

I typically search for old music, older music- a new door i haven't opened yet. That thought, "why haven't i heard this before?"

It's a door that leads to a room filled with an interesting link from Jerry Lewis to Johnny Cash to hopefully a NEW band that embodies that musical spirit and talent. And that's the real point of all this. I loved Ray Charles first, Otis Redding came after and James Carr followed, and so on..the musical link of discovery. At times, that link ends as the chain moves on to something modern for me. The difficulty in finding new and inspiring music usually takes the wrong turn at an indie-folk band that just doesn't quite do it. But sometimes, you are surprised. With Madeline, I stumbled upon her while perusing the web for a fairport convention song a friend had mentioned in an email. A nod to Sandy Denny's beautiful singing voice came the comparison to Madeline. It's quite lovely. tender, even.

I'll give it a try. Maybe you will too.


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