Thursday, July 21, 2011


I recognized my age today. I don't know If I feel comforted by this, or bothered that I couldn't appreciate it the freedom and musical escapade in an outdoor festival. I viewed photos from this year's Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. I read of girls eating corn on the cob from the muddy, booze infested water that several sweaty, shoeless 20 somethings easily sloshed around in.. for days. I couldn't find the appeal. I love live music. Really, even If the music isn't that great, I find myself feeling like at the minimum, I went out and made an attempt at something "artful". I consider myself someone who appreciates and respects the bohemian lifestyle, but corn just doesn't taste right after some dude stepped in it, you feel me?

I really just have beef with these events because I'm too short to see shit. Disregard the rant.

Here's a couple artists(courtesy of that i would have braved the heat for. P.S. I'm starting to really like Philadelphia's Kurt Vile. It's an easy listen.

Kurt Vile

Fleet Foxes

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  1. Ugh that sounds awful. I also have no desire for a festival...even if I wasn't going to be hot and crabby, I would be totally overwhelmed by seeing so many bands at once...couldn't handle it!