Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goodnight and good luck

I've been reading all these different "conversations" on Facebook in regards to the occupy wall street protests. For wherever your beliefs lie, I found it really disturbing that some people vehemently believe that we, Americans, are not entitled to anything. At all. Well, hold on, some people need the government's help. Don't be selfish! Banks are people too, they have kids to feed expensive meals too. God.

I read quotes, facts(so called), opinions. It grew. The crazy grew. What an unintelligent generalization that most protesters are lazy students who chose "bad" degrees and should now live with their choices. Broke, hopeless...that's the oucome we should be okay with? I guess don't pursue that public radio career, kids.

Are we to teach young people that their world should no longer be made up of dream fulfillment or interests? And what profession is so secure now that every young person will be encouraged to follow that path? And if they choose otherwise, well....

Make a mistake? Suffer the rest of your life. Get unexpectedly pregnant? No help from anyone(unless you need a billion dollar bailout, of course). Decide to work for a non-profit, low paying or social service job? Well, bad choice in trying to assist the public, we'll be cutting those services drastically. These situations can/do apply to people in different walks of life. Ultimately, does it really matter? If someone needs REAL assistance, should we turn them away under certain conditions? It should apply across the board, in my opinion.

The "suck it up" mentality shouldn't apply when a human being is about to lose their home and live on the street. Um, "suck it up" works to build strength on a junior varsity basketball team. You can't "brush off" losing your job, your home or your integrity.

I respect and understand taking responsibility for your actions. 100%. Yes, times are not easy, you have to do all you can. And more. But shit, if you do all that and nothing comes of it, then what? We are slowly living in a world of hopeless, helpless and disinterested zombies. They need to feed on something..

It just seems this growing mentality and backlash against the jobless has pushed us to lose all sense of human decency and compassion.

Okay, at least this is funny.

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  1. I agree about the zombies thing....was just thinking about that today and reminding myself to never become one!