Monday, October 3, 2011


I love these rare and early photos of George Harrison. He's not conventionally handsome, but he has a complex face, right?

I'm not a huge Beatles fan. I don't seek out unseen live performances or rare photos of the band. But Harrison's solo projects have, in recent years, really grabbed me. It always felt like such a big disovery because he was never the standout member. Like the underdog made the most beautiful sounds that you weren't expecting. You wanted to root for him through every listen.

His new documentary,"George Harrison: Living In a Material World"(after his 1973 album), premieres on PBS tomorrow(Scorsese loves rock stars). I recently read that Harrison never wanted to be remembered. At all. Not as a musician, a husband, a lover of eastern religions...he didn't see the point. This makes the documentary even more interesting in my mind. Maybe we don't fully know who the quieter Beatle was.

It's a two part documentary. Long..pace yourselves, it's 3 1/2 hours. I'm excited to see it, when I download it :)

Always good.

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