Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Down on the corner

Sometimes, as I'm sure many of you do(or maybe don't), I wander down several streets in my Detroit neighborhood. Sometimes it's to make myself aware of my somewhat sketchy neighborhood, a desire to see something new or maybe it's wander. Regardless, I tend to do this often and it brings me a small amount of enjoyment and satisfaction. Driving around the mostly gentrified section of South Corktown I saw a man exchange money for "goods" with two young teenage kids. Sun beaming down. 10:25 a.m.  It wasn't mind boggling but it made me think how often that happens in a day around Detroit. I got home and found today's article from Detroitblogger John. A day in detroit crime. Broken down by JUST murders, violent shootings and carjackings. Just one day. I thought I would pass this along.

Informative and heavy but here's something I enjoyed following that piece.

One of my favorite local music writers, Brian Smith, has a fantastic cover story on local musician Kenny Tudrick. His romantic imagery and style have always kept me reading. Check it out.

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