Monday, November 14, 2011

One computer, two

I hope you are still out there in the web world. I'm computerless these days. Also, I seem to be the destroyer of all these electronic.. my backup laptop has also breathed its last. While I didn't do anything to break either of these, I may be cursed. Don't let me around your electronics, unless I ask nicely.

There's much to say. This Penn State scandal, or as a writer put so eloquently, Sex scandal infers that there was consensual sex involved which children can't consent to. Let's call it what it is. A child abuse/rape scandal. Let's not go to further because I'll say things that are not...tasteful(that doesn't usually affect my non-filtered sentiments) .

Read this.

I'll be back when I'm properly equipped with my new netbook.

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  1. I felt obligated to read about this. His interviews have been on the news so much that when I watch tv in the morning I can barely eat my breakfast. I'm sure that's just a fraction of the awfulness that the innocent people involved feel.