Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mahmoud Ahmed- Aynotche Terab

So, we've already hit a couple record stores here in Baltimore. Can I just say my initial observation in any large city I go to is, DAMN, Detroit has some reasonably and appropriately priced vinyl! I did not see this with my own eyes, but $20 for used CCR is OVERPRICED(my man witnessed this). God, I miss you Hello and Peoples Records! However, True Vine Records (located in the Hampden neighborhood), had an exceptional international collection. I keep a keen eye out for international vinyl..Middle Eastern music holds a special place in my soul so True Vine may be the spot to fork over my dough (that i don't presently have, but soon enough will). I stumbled upon one of my favorite Ethiopian artists, Mahmoud Ahmed, while cautiously browsing. 23 dollars. When I feel the spending urge pulse through my veins, i will have it.

p.s. A metal fan smiled yesterday afternoon. A difficult to find record was found in the dollar bin. It's now in our very, very large collection.

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