Wednesday, May 25, 2011

call me swag.

You know who you are calling Swag now? Oh, you didn't get your TMZ tweet? Diddy. Wait- i mean swag, i mean puffy, i mean, uhhhh i can't make up my mind! Man, His ego has become so inflated he feels he has a free pass to happily announce this bullshit at every media opportunity and so called fans are just indulging in this self obsessed garbage. Eat it up kids, next week will be a whole new world. And a whole new vodka.

Recently I read about the most expensive photographs in the world, with the priciest being a Cindy Sherman photo that was sold for over 3 million dollars. What would you pay an exuberant amount for? I mean, within our own "normal" money scale. Coincidentally, I saw this earlier today. Maybe my newfound love for Nick Cave has been leading me to this purchase? I kid, but i do dig that poster.

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